Tractors- Anywhere & Anytime in your service.

We are living in the era of information technology. Ways to acquire any information have changed in the course of time. Now we can grab information about anything with the couple of clicks. So, the whole world is on our fingertips now.

KhetiGaadi-Mobile App

Realizing this rapid change in technology, has also moved one step ahead and developed a mobile app. With this amazing mobile app, you can take the advantage of all the services that you get on

You can download the Khetigaadi’s free app (available on android’s play store) for your mobile to get the entire information of tractors and farm implements. Just like khetigaadi’ website, this mobile app gives you platform for buying and selling used or old tractors online by giving factual information such as seller’s name and other details, actual tractor images, etc. You can also take expert’s reviews for various queries related to tractors or even technical problems related to implements. You can get up to date information and details of tractor such as specification, price, and model details with amazing features. Along with details of new tractors, here on mobile app you can even compare specifications of two tractors and choose to buy/rent out the best one that is suitable to you. Similarly, you can compare implements and sell old tractor, rent your tractor. With this amazing, on-the-go mobile application, you can easily find contact details of dealers & service centers across the country. Same is the case with finance & loan services, if you wish to buy tractor or any implement. So, hurry up and download khetigaadi mobile application!!


Now KhetiGaadi Mobile App is available in regional languages too. You can search anything on it in your own language, so the world’s biggest tractor market is in your hand now. You can find on khetigaadi in 7 different Indian languages as; English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada. Grab and find your best business farm machine and grow your business more faster now. Digital India Digital KhetiGaadi!


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