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India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Every other country in the world is suffering from low GDP growth rate were as India is among few which is a growing and a thriving economy. India is an agriculture-based country where agriculture contributes 18% of the GDP and provides employment to more than 50% of the countries workforce. Most of the Indians are directly or indirectly dependent on the agriculture sector some are related directly with agriculture and some are involved indirectly by doing business.

In the last few years, we have seen the sector been hurt by the sudden announcement of the demonetization and the improper implementation of the GST and moreover, the dry spells in many parts of the country saw the outrage of the farmers for the lack of government incentives for the destroyed crops. With many farmers committing suicide the problems are getting much worse for the government and lives of the farmers. With so much of the economy and lives of people depending on the agriculture sector, what promises has the manifesto of BJP put forward for the agriculture sector in the upcoming election 2019?

Here is the list of agricultural and farming related promises from the BJP manifesto for the election 2019.
Download Full BJP Party Manifesto PDF for the Election 2019 here (Download)

1. Committed to the promise of doubling the income of farmers by 2022.

2. On the lines of the Aadhaar project, complete digitization of land records and new second-generation land reforms will be implemented.

3. Encouraging solar farming to support farmer for their additional source of income and make them not just the food providers but also the energy providers.

4. Enabling the use of technology like artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, blockchain in farming and agriculture for the young agri-scientist.

5. Extensive use technology to ensure a better knowledge of the market prices of various agro-products for the benefits of farmers.

6. Launch an e-commerce portal dedicated to organic produce to the doorsteps of the consumers.

7. Introduction of interest-free Kisan Credit Cards loans up to 1 lakh at 0% interest rate for 1-5 years.

8. Extending the reach of “Pradhan MantriKisanSamman Nidhi” to all farmers to ensure the financial support to farmers owning land up to 2 hectares.

9. The commitment of an investment of 25 lakh crore to improve the productivity of the farm sector.

10. Launch of ‘MatsyaSampadaYojana’ with an allocation of Rs. 10,000 crores to ensure availability of storage, marketing tools and infrastructure for small and traditional shermen.

11. Promoting the aquaculture through easy access to credits and facilitating farming of seaweed and pearl as ornamental to ensure a better return to fishermen.

12. Launch of the pension scheme to ensure social security of all small and marginal farmers in the country.

13. Launch a National Bee-keeping and HoneyMission to ensure additional returns to the farmers and will double the honey production by developing infrastructural facilities.

14. Creation of a mobile app based system for promoting the availability of agri-implements on rental/custom hiring basis.

15. Enabling the creation of 10,000 new Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) by 2022 to ensure economies of scale for farmers regarding access to inputs and markets.

16. Promoting chemical-free organic farming in an additional 20 lakh hectare of hilly, tribal and rainfed areas in the next 5 years.

17. Promotion of eco-tourism in the vicinity of organic farming and the Goshalas in the country will be linked to promoting organic farming.

18. Launch a new mission to achieve self-sufficiency in oil seeds and other agri-products.

19. Building an efficient storage and transport mechanism for agriculture produce and establishment of “national Warehousing Grid” alongside national highways to ensure necessary logistics linkages for warehousing of agricultural produce.

20. Ensuring timely availability of improved seeds of promisingvarieties at affordable rates with doorstep testing facilities.

21. Empowering farmers through policies in import and export sand reducing the work in agricultural imports and mechanism to encourage exports.

22. Voluntary enrollment of farmers in “Pradhan MantriFasalBimaYojana”.

With so much at stakes for the 2019 election how much of these promises will actually be able to see the limelight of the farmers and the overall agriculture industry. With voting going on in many states it’s the matter of time we will know whether which of these promises will be fulfilled and which not.

Download Full BJP Party Manifesto PDF for the Election 2019 here(Download)
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