Gone are the days when farmers used to struggle to get basic information or guidance about which farming implements they should use in their farms for better outputs. Now they can get such information on the go in a single click!

The story of khetigaadi.com is an inspiring account of entrepreneurship, perseverance and of developing and executing successful business strategies and tactics. Khetigaadi.com is the only Desi Search Engine developed specially for farmers across the country that avails you to choose tractor or farming implement of your choice amongst lakhs of choices! You can buy, sell or rent out your new or used tractor or any other farming implement to needy ones at appropriate rates!

India is an agricultural country. We have almost 6 lac villages in country and almost 65-70% population is dependent on the income that comes from sale of Agro yields. To increase the production and being consistent in the same, we must adopt a technique that will lead to the consistently increased yield production. Khetigaadi.com will introduce you the modern techniques and instruments with which mechanization of farming can be achieved. Mechanized farming is the need of time. Following PM Modi’s ‘Digital India’ campaign, we must encourage farm mechanization in India. Khetigaadi.com strongly supports PM Modi’s ‘Digital India’ campaign and pledges to strive for betterment of Indian farming in near future.

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