Earlier onset of monsoon encourages farmers to increase the area under cultivation. As we discussed in our previous blog (sowing Equipment – 1) crop planting operations pick up the speed to cover the land in on time spam. Seed drill and planters are two main sowing equipment, which helps framers to achieve their cultivation targets.  A well-maintained planter gives seed its best chance. Most of the physical responsibility for manipulating soil, placing seed, and getting the seed off getting done with a single planter. Planter replaces some tillage equipment operations, which reduce the labor cost. Here we are going to discuss remaining sowing equipment as below. 

  • Raised Bed Planter

The raised bed planter consists of a frame, planting hopper, Fertilizer box, bed shaper. The frame is made of mild steel. The furrow opener is ridge type and made with mouldboard and share point. The wings of the mouldboard can be adjusted. The share is made up of medium carbon steel, hardened and tempered to suitable hardness. The machine makes two beds. The machine can sew two or three rows of wheat on each bed. The machine has a seed metering mechanism unit of vertical disc type. The draft requirement of the machine is reduced due to a roller-type bed shaper. This type of planter is used for making bed and sowing crops simultaneously. This type of planter is suitable for wheat, maize peas, etc.

Tractor Mounted pneumatic planter consists of a centrifugal blower operated by the PTO of the tractor which is used to provide the necessary air pressure to pick up and release the seeds in the metering mechanism. It is a six-row machine, operated by a tractor of 35 HP or more to plant the single seed at predetermined row spacing. It consists of an aspirator blower, mainframe, a disc with cell type metering plate, furrow opener, individual hopper, PTO driven shaft, etc. It is suitable to plant mustard, cotton, maize, etc. It is used to plant individual seeds only. New Holland Pneumatic Planter PP 400 is the best example of a pneumatic planter.

It is a six-row rice transplanter used for mat type seedlings. The six-row machine is a riding type and employs a double-acting transplanting machine for enhanced transplanting speed and in turn high capacity. The double-acting transplanting mechanism is run with one sun and four planetary gear systems. The machine has provision for adjustment of the number of seedlings per hill, depth transplanting, and hill to hill distance. The depth of transplanting is maintained constant, automatically during operation. The machine provides a spare seedling rack. This type of planter is also available in walking type. It is used for rice transplanting at the puddled field after puddling. Kubota Rice Transplanter NSP-4W, Kubota Rice Transplanter NSPU 68C are the examples of rice transplanters. Sonalika DI 60 Rx MM Super Tractor, New Holland Excel 4710 Paddy Special Tractor and John Deere 5105 tractor are perfect tractors for puddling operations in the paddy field.

  • Post Hole Digger                     

Post hole digger is an attachment to the three-point linkage of the tractor. It consists of the auger, which is driven through bevel gears. The auger gets driven from the tractor PTO through a propeller shaft and bevel gearbox. The perpendicularity of digging auger is maintained with four-bar linkages formed by the hitching system. The tie rod provided at the top. The tip of the auger is either diamond-shaped or pointed with wings to suit different soil conditions. The diameter and depth of the hole can be changed by changing the auger assembly. Beri provides different types of post hole digger like Beri Hole Digger FKPHDS-6, Beri Hole Digger FKPHDS-9, etc. Post hole diggers are used to dig the hole for planting tree saplings.

Conclusion – Sowing equipment increases the farmer’s productivity. All above the tractor implements listed at KhetiGaadi with their price and specifications.

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